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I learned so much valuable, useful information from Dr. Levitt’s Leadership for Administrative Professionals course that I recommended that all the Executive Assistants to the Senior Leadership Team at Vancouver Coastal Health and Providence HealthCare participate together. Dr. Levitt worked with us to tailor the workshop to accommodate the staff’s needs and time. Feedback expressed by our EAs showed an appreciation for Dr. Levitt’s ability to explain not only the theory behind leadership in the administrative position, but helped the EAs take away a vision of what leadership would look like on a day-to-day basis for them.

Gail took an interest in my career aspirations and encouraged me to pursue promotions that became available to me. Her confidence in my abilities convinced me to apply for a very different position within the organization. I thoroughly enjoy my new role and believe Gail was a pivotal catalyst in my career path.

Leah Murphy
Executive Director, Employee Engagement
Vancouver Coastal Health