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Encouraging Leaders

When organizations begin to develop their talent management and succession planning, they often seek the counsel of external mentors to help them identify high-potential individuals and provide fresh insights. Dr. Levitt has helped many companies’ high-potential individuals become even more compelling and influential leaders through a three-phase mentoring process.

Dr. Gail Levitt is hired by many of these companies to help build such talent by mentoring key individuals to become even more compelling and influential leaders. There are three phases in the mentoring process:

  1. Discovery: Setting Goals
  2. Mentoring: Exploring Approaches
  3. Presenting: Communicating Accomplishments

The first phase is to complete a mentoring profile that identifies personal and organizational goals. The second phase is to create a suitable mentoring program that is both challenging and inspiring. Gail provides influential leadership resources and tools to assist in this process. In the third phase, the mentee works closely with Gail to create an executive presentation that highlights key insights, recommendations, and action plans to sustain the mentoring experience.

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It was certainly very insightful to learn not only how others perceive and understand my messages, but also how I convey them, and what I can do to get better at being more effective.
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