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Motivating Teams

Dr. Levitt delivers a dynamic learning experience that generates increased accountability to achieve business goals.

Participants quickly become engaged in a highly-interactive approach enabling them to explore concepts, processes, tools, and techniques critical for the team’s success. With Dr. Levitt’s guidance, teams enjoy a safe environment to voice concerns, identify barriers to performance, discuss creative options, make collective decisions, and create action plans. All of these activities help teams become more agile for the future. Creative presentation stimulates members to use their diverse skills and perspectives for peak results.

These topics include:

  • Critical and innovative thinking
  • Collaborative problem-solving
  • Managing productive meetings
  • Addressing conflict proactively
  • Improving team productivity
  • Building team alliances
  • Developing team resiliency
  • Negotiating successfully

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I am now able to approach challenging situations, interviews and negotiations with newfound confidence, all thanks to Gail and her amazing services.
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