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New Book!  The Truth About Collaborating:
Why People Fail and How to Succeed

Published by Business Expert Press in their collection of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior Series

Hard-Cover: ISBN 9781948580847

Electronic: EISN 9781948580847

Enhance Your Collaboration Skills in Uncertain Times

Now, more than ever before, organizations are encouraging work collaboration both in-person and remotely to increase productivity, enhance innovation, and remain competitive to address changing customer needs. However, leaders and teams often lack crucial knowledge, tools, and techniques needed to avoid failure and achieve optimal outcomes.

Apply Crucial Tools for Success

The book opens with a review of the ten essential collaboration competencies required for success. It offers a self-test to identify one’s strengths and gaps as a collaborator in today’s workplace, along with practical tips for how to develop one’s collaboration agility. Then, collaboration mindfulness is explained, and a discussion of the COIN model shares insights for how to put this crucial mindset into action for peak results. Next, practical advice is offered for how to both encourage and manage discussion and disagreement throughout all four phases of the collaboration process.

Having a clear focus for the collaboration topic as a problem or an opportunity is reviewed in detail, with tips for how to discuss and decide most efficiently. Guidelines for how to manage conflict and deal with challenging people are offered, based on strategies for each of the four conflict stages. Creative techniques using both sides of the brain are explained to help collaboration teams invent the most unique options and solutions for innovation and change. The Truth About Collaborating: Why People Fail and How to Succeed concludes with proven strategies for how to overcome eight common obstacles to collaborations with confidence.

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