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Team Planning for Project Managers and Business Analysts

Published by the CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, Project Management Book Series

ISBN: 978-1-4398-5543-0 (Hard Cover) CRC Press Website:

Offers Crucial Tools to Build A High-Performing Team

Leaders seeking to enhance team performance and collaboration need strong tools to succeed. These tools are hard to find in one place, which is why Dr. Gail Levitt wrote this book as an essential resource for anyone seeking to develop the teams they lead, with or without authority. This book takes a practical and systematic approach to team planning that leaders can use remotely or in person.

Provides A Comprehensive Approach to Developing Teams

Team Planning for Project Managers and Business Analysts offers complete coverage of all that is needed to develop teams to their peak potential in a busy project environment. Key topics include:

  • Envisioning team planning as a mindset
  • Assessing teams based on the “STARS” model
  • Identifying team strengths and overcoming performance gaps
  • Writing and getting buy-in and commitment for a team development plan
  • Creating and communicating the team vision
  • Developing the team “SWOT” analysis
  • Engaging multi-generational team members
  • Facilitating team development at meetings
  • Creating a team succession plan
  • Leading teams through transformation successfully

What Readers Say About the Book

“Dr. Levitt has hit the nail on the head with a book full of practical information, clear examples, checklists, and templates for use in effective team planning. – Morley Selver, P. Eng., IPMA B, The Project Doctor

“I found myself energized after reading this material, and I have incorporated the strategies she outlines into my management style. I highly recommend Levitt’s work, and think it applies to a broad range of skill levels, having practical application in project teams and organizational structure.” – Jason Bedford, Manager, Service and Systems Productivity, Hubbell Canada LP

“Team Planning for Project Managers and Business Analysts” is well-written, packed with content, and includes templates for team development planning. Like me, you may find it a valuable resource.” – Steve Bouchillon, PMP, CSM, CSPO, CMQ/OE, CQE, CQA, CSSGB

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