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Book:Template Tools

  1. PM and BA Team Planning Competency Assessment
  2. Observing Team Behaviors: Checklist
  3. Team Conflict Observation Guide
  4. Identifying Team Stages Using STARS®
  5. Team Development Plan Template
  6. Team Performance Action Planner
  7. Selling the Team Development Plan: Influencing Upwards
  8. Communicating the Team Development Plan
  9. Modeling the Team Development Plan
  10. Leading Multiple Generations on Teams: Comparison
  11. Building a Stronger Multigenerational Team
  12. Facilitating Team Development at Meetings
  13. The Four Ds Planning Template
  14. Building Team Collaboration: Checklist
  15. Team Meeting Facilitation Best Practices
  16. Team Stages and Activity Goals
  17. Team Competency Needs
  18. Evaluating the Team “Brain” of Knowledge
  19. Team Transformation Guidelines
  20. Team Transformation Skill Development Planner
  21. Team Succession Planning Template
  22. Preparing for the Future: Team Development

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Gail is extremely knowledgeable about the tools and processes to help teams grow and develop into high performing units.
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