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Book Reviews:What People Are Saying

“Dr. Levitt has hit the nail on the head with a book full of practical information, clear examples, checklists, and templates for use in effective team planning. Since the human resource stands between you and project success, Dr. Levitt covers the behaviors PM’s and BA’s need to know about, their own and those of the team, and how to handle those behaviors. Dr. Levitt explains the what, why, and how of team development planning in an easy to read style. This is not a book of theory; the focus is on practical applications and techniques for immediate implementation. A great reference book every busy PM and BA should have.”

Morley Selver P. Eng. IPMA-B
“The Project Doctor”

“Project Management success relies on the practical application of rigid methodologies. Few can achieve this delicate balance. Gail’s ability to translate her insight into this script that team leaders can leverage to develop highly productive organizations with a common goal should be considered a must-read.”

Bruce Garrod PMP
President & Founder
Solutions Management Inc.

“Chapter Two of Dr. Levitt’s book, Team Planning for Project Managers and Business Analysts, is a great approach to understanding and addressing the STARS® 5 stages in the team life cycle. It provides an easy-to-remember method to support leaders in handling conflict. If you are looking for a way for your team members to understand how best to work together, this valuable guide will steer you towards approaches that can increase effectiveness and productive work relations.”

Karen Diaz
CKG Training & Consulting

“This is best practice at its best. The thinking is current and innovative; implementation is practical and grounded in reality. The bottom line: teams that are stronger, more effective, and ultimately successful.

This is smart thinking – and strategic thinking – that will benefit organizations and teams that drive them. Dr. Levitt clearly demonstrates the need to build buy-in, then goes on to address the challenges teams will face in getting to a collective ‘yes.’ The process she lays out is designed to help them address those challenges — simply and effectively.”

Donalee Moulton
Quantum Communications

“Dr. Gail Levitt has outdone herself with an interesting read on Team Planning. Her in-depth characterization of the generations provides practical and engaging information outlining generational work values, cultural experiences and strengths. I found the section on building collaboration particularly useful, and have since put some of Levitt’s recommendations into action. This chapter is broken down into sections, with strategies to engage the generations to maximize strength and diversity, while minimizing conflicts on your team. This chapter [Chapter 5: Influencing Multigenerational Team Members] is a must read for project managers, or anyone managing people that span different generations. I found myself energized after reading this material, and have incorporated the strategies she outlines into my management style. I highly recommend Levitt’s work, and think that it applies to a broad range of skill levels, having practical application in project teams and organizational structure. Her writing style is matter-of-fact and entertaining to read. The material will help business leaders and project managers alike develop team synergies that maximize productivity, teamwork and success.”

Jason Bedford
Manager, Service & Systems Productivity
Hubbell Canada LP

“I found the chapter on Leading Team Transformation to be perfectly on point, providing simple, clearly focused, and executable steps for effective team leadership. I especially found the section on Communicating the Team Vision insightful and will certainly use the information with my team.”

Bosville Salmon
Director, H.R., and Skills Development
Tremco Canada Division, RPM Canada

“In this unique book on Team Planning for Project Managers and Business Analysts, Gail Levitt has done excellent work explaining the importance of a systematic process for team planning according to specific performance measurements. Dr. Levitt has provided practical tools and templates that will guide project managers and business analysts in establishing and communicating team operating norms and processes, setting milestones, creating a team vision, and writing a comprehensive team development plan. This book also offers useful tips and ideas for how to get “real” buy-in for the team development plan from team members and senior management. It emphasizes the importance of developing multigenerational teams that work constructively together, and creating a team succession plan for the benefit of organizational longevity. The many templates and guidelines presented in Team Planning for Project Managers and Business Analysts will help leaders, project managers, and business analysts across all industries gain management’s support and command the resources necessary to plan their team’s development to achieve high performance and superior results through effective team collaboration.”

Vijay K. Verma PMI Fellow, PMP, MBA, P. Eng.

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