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Chapter 1: Team Planning in a Project Environment

Explains the three dimensions of a team planning mindset required for success. Identifies the twelve essential skills to be an effective team planner.

Chapter 2: Evaluating the Team

Covers the “STARS”® method for efficiently identifying team stages effectively. Compares team conflict issues for each stage and emphasizes leadership.

Chapter 3: Creating a Team Development Plan

Defines and discusses the purpose of the four key components. Expands on the plan, including: team vision and mission, performance indicators, and action plans

Chapter 4: Getting Buy-in for the Team Development Plan

Gives practical tips for influencing upwards and with team members. Reveals communication do’s and don’ts.

Chapter 5: Influencing Multigenerational Team Members

Suggests ways to identify and influence each generation based on culture, work values and strengths, and leadership do’s and don’ts. Provides eight guidelines for building multigenerational collaboration.

Chapter 6: Facilitating Team Development at Meetings

Describes time-saving tips for managing expectations, keeping others focused, and fostering collaboration. Lists tips for facilitating engagement and managing conflict responses during discussion, debate, decision-making, and debriefing.

Chapter 7: Team Succession Planning

Lists guidelines for what to do and avoid for effective team knowledge transfer. Expands on components of an effective team succession plan.

Chapter 8: Leading Team Transformation

Discusses essential team skill sets leaders must develop. Presents fourteen best practices for successful team transformation.

Chapter 9: Future of Teams

Addresses ten key actions team leaders will need to take to be most effective. Predicts future team trends and seven core PM and BA competencies for success.

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