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Dr. Gail Levitt combines a highly-personalized approach with strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills that makes her an ideal consulting partner for collaborative clients.

Team Planning for Project Managers and Business Analysts is a unique resource for professionals leading teams with or without authority

The easy-to-read format offers a wealth of information for increasing team productivity, improving collaboration, and boosting performance. Using real-life case studies in project management and business analysis, the information applies to all types of teams: multigenerational and multicultural, in-person or virtual.

A comprehensive guide with dialogues, charts, checklists, and 22 templates, Team Planning for Project Managers and Business Analysts offers useful insights, clear examples, and proven methods to guide teams in any stage of development to reach their full potential. Special tools include:

  • Team Development Plan
  • STARS® methodology to foster team conflict management and collaboration
  • Multigenerational guidelines
  • Facilitating discussion, debate, disagreement, and decision-making at meetings

Who Would Benefit from Reading this Book:

  • Senior executives
  • Organizational leaders
  • General managers
  • Project managers
  • Business analysts
  • Project team leaders
  • Project professionals
  • Team subject matter experts
  • Human resource specialists

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Gail is extremely knowledgeable about the tools and processes to help teams grow and develop into high performing units.
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