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Vaclav Vincalek

Gail has coached me on many communication techniques, but her most valuable lesson has been teaching me how to prepare better for negotiations. We first identified my strengths and weaknesses to better understand my approach. She then shared methods to adjust my communication style to better connect with others and achieve my objectives. Listening and observation are Gail’s strongest skills; she is a very, very good listener and it is always a pleasure to speak with her.

Charlene Pineda-Fischer

Gail is a gem within the training and leadership development landscape. Her wealth of expertise combined with her significant accreditation makes her a force within curriculum development and facilitation. She is a strategic collaborator and is able to adapt her programming to client requirements. Gail has many talents that any and all learning organizations could benefit from her influence.

Barbara Chappell

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the workshop on multi-generational customer service last Friday. I have never heard such praise for any event that we have held or that my staff has attended….I believe the preparation you invested in customizing it for us and the time you took at the beginning to get to know the attendees led to success.

Klaus Boedker

I took Gail’s Building High-Performing Teams course a few years ago. She is one of the best facilitators I have ever seen. Gail is extremely knowledgeable about the tools and processes to help teams grow and develop into high performing units.

Gail has been my coach and mentor since the workshop. She has phenomenal insight into personal growth and development. She has the ability to help you better understand yourself to grow personally and professionally. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for what Gail has taught me.

Sybil Massey

I wanted to connect with you to thank you for the session you hosted for the Schulich Career Centre’s Operations team last week. I thoroughly enjoyed the session, plus, I have received wonderfully positive feedback from all of the other participants. Everyone really enjoyed the session and took away some great learnings….Thank you again and I hope we can work together at some point in the future.

Vesta McGeown

Gail began to mentor me following one of her workshops. With her coaching, I have learned to adapt my communication style to relate more effectively with others. This knowledge has boosted my confidence and improved rapport with my team and project sponsors. I have learned from Gail that senior leadership appreciates clear, concise messages. Delivering updates in a more appropriate style has encouraged management to offer me increased responsibilities. Gail is easy to talk to, listens well, and gives the right feedback at the right time. She has been a great resource and colleague.

Leah Murphy

I learned so much valuable, useful information from Dr. Levitt’s Leadership for Administrative Professionals course that I recommended that all the Executive Assistants to the Senior Leadership Team at Vancouver Coastal Health and Providence HealthCare participate together. Dr. Levitt worked with us to tailor the workshop to accommodate the staff’s needs and time. Feedback expressed by our EAs showed an appreciation for Dr. Levitt’s ability to explain not only the theory behind leadership in the administrative position, but helped the EAs take away a vision of what leadership would look like on a day-to-day basis for them.

Gail took an interest in my career aspirations and encouraged me to pursue promotions that became available to me. Her confidence in my abilities convinced me to apply for a very different position within the organization. I thoroughly enjoy my new role and believe Gail was a pivotal catalyst in my career path.

Morghan Fortier

You’re actually up front, right now, teaching the studio team activity. I just had to say, you are amazing at what you do. I’m looking across the room at a participant, after you spent time with her during the break, and she’s like a totally different person. You touch people, you have an impact, you change people. You are empowering and inspiring. I’m proud and honoured to know you and to have had you impact my life. Amazing, Gail. Just amazing.

Michael Sudeyko

I just wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful communications course that you led the group I was part of through. It was certainly very insightful to learn not only how others perceive and understand my messages, but also how I convey them, and what I can do to get better at being more effective.

Kim Schwarz

Dr. Levitt’s programs deliver business concepts and tools that are easily applied with impact on business results. Having attended both public and in-house custom programs Gail’s strengths in program management, design, facilitation, and execution had a significant impact on the learning ROI. As a participant, Gail ensured we got the most out of our learning experience, adapting her style with agility and enthusiasm.

Alison Collins

I met Gail Levitt in 2015 and was fortunate enough to have her assigned as the Facilitator & Coach for the Successful Business Negotiating Strategies for Managers course I signed up for at York University.

I was thrilled to finally meet someone who used encouragement and real-life experiences to facilitate adult learning. Gail’s ability to make her clients forget that they are learning or working is like nothing I have ever seen before. Her collaborative techniques manage to challenge you while allowing you to apply what you have learned and retain the information. This approach is very refreshing!

I am now able to approach challenging situations, interviews and negotiations with newfound confidence, all thanks to Gail and her amazing services.

I can’t put into words just how positive an impact Gail has had on my life, both personally and professionally; all I can say is THANK YOU!

Shamim Shivji

On behalf of our Board, thank you for facilitating our Strategy planning Session. You are clearly passionate about your work and are committed to do the very best. At the end of the day, we generated a tremendous number of ideas and our participants are very excited and committed to achieving our Board’s outreach initiatives. These results exceeded our Board’s expectations and for that we are grateful to your expertise and service to our community throughout the day. Bravo!!!