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A Dynamic Learning Process that Achieves Results

Dr. Levitt models these seven compelling communication values to create a unique approach that really works to develop teams and increase retention for improved productivity and performance:

  1. Empathy: Be non-judgmental to understand, and not necessarily agree, with others’ views
  2. Expertise: Share knowledge and experience to analyze root causes and explore options
  3. Preparation: Before, during, and after — ask questions, conduct surveys, learn their language, use Levitt’s Blueprint for Success©
  4. Collaboration: Focus on mutual interests and shared insights
  5. Inspiration: Show passion and draw it from participants
  6. Flexibility: Observe, adapt, seek feedback, adjust, repeat
  7. Fun: Engage, be creative, and enjoy the ride

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Listening and observation are Gail’s strongest skills; she is a very, very good listener and it is always a pleasure to speak with her.
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