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About:Dr. Gail Levitt

Using A Dual Approach

Levitt Communications Inc. fosters high-potential individuals at all levels to achieve influential leadership and organizational goals proactively.

Get to know Gail

The best way to know Dr. Gail Levitt is to understand why she founded Levitt Communications Inc. When challenged to choose between her successful career as a corporate manager and her fulfilling role as a sessional university instructor, she chose instead to build a company based on this duality.

The result was Levitt Communications Inc., founded on blending theory and practice to develop more compelling communicators in progressive companies.

Since 1993, Gail has guided business leaders and high-potential individuals to improve their communications impact. In the process, she has formed great partnerships with clients in industries as diverse as telecommunications, government, education, manufacturing, retail, business, technology, and research.

Added value

Dr. Levitt’s refreshingly different approach is based on her company’s core values of:

  • Collaboration
  • Liberated thinking
  • Inspiration and innovation
  • Energy and fun
  • Commitment to planning
  • Blending theory with practice

Key clients

Dr. Levitt prefers working with key clients such as:

  • Progressive organizations in government, business, and technology
  • Executive education divisions of universities and colleges
  • Professional associations

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Gail is extremely knowledgeable about the tools and processes to help teams grow and develop into high performing units.
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